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There are three different phases in the League of Legend game. The Early game, the mid game and the late game. We are going to tell you about the three phases. What does the game expect from you at each phase in the game? How are you going to win the game with your team?

Laning Phase

The laning phase is the first phase of League of Legend. This phase is also called the early game. At this phase everybody hasn’t got a lot of power and everybody is kind of weak. You’ve got to stay in your own lane unless you’re a jungler. The priority in this phase is last hitting. You can’t kill your enemies yet with the power you have, so you’ll have to last hitting. Just poke and do a bit of damage to the champions to safe your powers for later in the game.

The Mid Game

The mid game starts when the first tower falls. In this phase you’ll have to think about your strategy. Are you going to wander around and kill minions? Or are you going to protect your towers? You have build attack speed and AoE ability at this point in the game. It’s a good thing to last hit minions, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. At this point in the game you’ve earned enough gold to purchase better and more efficient items. You can build at this point. Ward placement is the key in this part of the game.

The Late Game

This phase begins when one of the two sides lost about 4 turrets. And there are just a few towers left. At this phase you’ve built full and you’re stronger than ever before. Do you want to survive this part of the game? It’s important to think about strategy, teamwork and communication. There is no other way to win this game. There are a lot of team fights. You can have a strong champion on the other side, but he can’t win the game on his own. So unless you’re communicating with each other, have a good strategy and work together, you are not going to win this game.

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