Are you known with the game League of Legends? Well, we suppose you know the game already since you landed on this website. But did you already know more about the gameplay? And which game League of Legends is? We will tell you more about it. We found out League of Legends is a so-called MOBA game. Do you already know the term MOBA?


League of legends is a MOBA game. The meaning of MOBA is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This means you can play League of Legends only online against other human players and computer BOTS. You will play one player in the game and the game creates different teams with more players in a team. You’ll have to destroy the headquarter of the other team(s). There are more MOBA games but League of Legend is one of the most popular games. The first time MOBA was seen in a game, was in the game StarCraft. A few of the other MOBA games are:
– Defence of the Ancients
– WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
– Heroes of Newerth
– DOTA 2
– Heroes of the Storm
– Shards of War
– Paragon
– Awesomenauts

And there are much more MOBA games on the market. Free games and paid games.

Create a stronger character

Now you know you’ll get to play a character in the game and all the characters together will create a team. But, what you maybe don’t know is that you can make your character a lot stronger. While playing the game for a longer time your character will become stronger and get more benefits and possibilities. It will cost some time but you’ll be a great part of the team. Don’t you have the time to play the game so much you become a better player? Don’t worry, we have found other ways to become a stronger character. You can buy Influence points which enable you to obtain new champions or runes.

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