For the League of Legends Championship Series there will be a few important “rules” to have the most entertaining and competitive matches in 2018. On September 29, 2017 they have released the new format release update for 2018 for the NA LCS. In this blog you can read more about this new format for LCS 2018 and about the League of Legends Championship Series.

LCS: More about the Championship Series.

The meaning of LCS is League of Legends Championship Series. In the League of Legends Esports world, there are many different competitions. The biggest competition is the World Championship, but there are a lot of other competitions. There are two League of Legends Championship Series, the North America LCS (NA LCS) and the Europe LCS (EU LCS). These are the highest level of League of Legends play in these areas.

Most important parts of LCS 2018

Like the title of this blog already says, the goal of the League of Legends Championship Series is to have highly entertaining and extremely competitive matches. That’s what they use as guiding principles. They named three parts to create those matches.

  1. You’ll have to be accessible for fans weekly to watch
  2. There is a balanced exposure for all teams, pro’s and the sponsors
  3. They send the best and most competitive teams to Playoffs

All for the fans

If you read the new format release update for LCS 2018, you’ll see they do everything to make it interesting for the fans. That’s a good thing if you enjoy watching and following the League of Legends Championship series. They will measure the popularity of LCS by the feedback of the community, how many fans are watching the games and if the fans are watching the whole game. It’s very important to make it fun and exciting to watch the games. Keep this in mind if you want to be a pro player.

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