LoL Pantheon Review

League Of Legends Pantheon

Ahoy to all the LoL gamers on here. I give the most brilliant tips on the game so players will enjoy it and find incredible tips about it. LoL is so vast and there really is tons we must discover. That being said, there is also loads of things to embrace beyond League of Legends. A aspect that most players enjoy is locating special add-ons for your champion. A different factor of LoL that can be extremely fun is looking at Pro games. Players are able to discover a lot of amazing tricks by doing this. Good players encourage gamers to do this frequently so that you get better with little effort needed.

  • Role: Melee DPS
  • Health: 30
  • Attack: 90
  • Spells: 30
  • Difficulty: 30

General Tips

Working with your team will find the most success. Learning what role you are playing is key to becoming a great LoL player. As Pantheon you will need to learn to play the role of Melee DPS. One of the key skills for a beginner is last hitting.Be aware of your allies actions as they affect you a lot. You can be helped by thinking you are going to win.

Core pro gaming hints you need to know:

  • Youtube casts help to get better.
  • Game as much as possible without over doing it.
  • Knowing more than one champ will help.
  • Vary which roles you game as, sticking to just Melee DPS won’t help your skills.
  • Flash and abilities will become required to know.
  • Discuss with your allies.
  • Finally remember to have a lot of fun!

Playing A Melee DPS

Be prepared to unload heavy damage as a melee DPS but without defense items you can die quickly. Many Melee will have ways to enter and escape battle, they also do a large amount of DPS. As melee it is fun to have the power of high DPS and the escape from and into battle I find that some enemies will be wary of Pantheon where as others will pounce on me, so be careful.

Champion Difficulty

Chars at this difficulty level are very easy to pick up and play without too much prior knowledge of LoL champion mechanics. Chars in this difficulty level can still be improved depending on a players skill and Summoner level and by adapting masteries and runes. If you would like a nice intro into the game then pick these classes as they are recommended by Riot Games.

Attack Damage or Spells?

As you generally have a higher standard attack than abilities, you want to make sure you maximise these to make the best of your powers.Remember your hit is your friend, continue to dps your enemy and they will fall.

Lore Intro: Far above the clouds on Mount Targon resides a stalwart tribe of people known as the Rakkor who still revere combat and war as ultimate artforms. They remember the Rune Wars of Runeterra and know that the League of Legends can only repress the rising tides of violence for so…

Final Thoughts

Some of the heroes within LoL are clearly one of the amazing elements you will experience. There are a giant choice of unique players that are there for you to use. Experiencing this factor keeps it unique and exciting. The protagonists of League of Legends are slick. Discovering the exact objects in the game can allow your warrior to propsper with ease. League of Legends How To is willing to help users to gain the incredible weapons with ease. There’s a big choice of alternative protagonists that players are able to try out. That’s why LLHT will attempt to help users to choose the best heroe for you to use.

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